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The 2022 Port of the Future conference will address the urgent and immediate issues facing ports of entry, regulators and associated industries. 

These leaders will come together in Houston, and virtually, to network and learn - bringing their vast accumulated knowledge and experience to work together to formulate solutions and best practice to the industry's most pressing challenges. 

Featuring keynote presentations, case studies, panel, interviews, and breakout discussions, the 3rd annual Port of the Future conference will be the must-attend event for executives in 2022. 

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Conference Positioning Overview

The Port of the Future conference is shaped by research and innovation, advances in technology, increased dependence on automation, enhancements in data security and information sharing, and heightened environmental compliance - all impacting the ability to move cargo and people rapidly and securely across international borders.

This conference focuses on creating and revitalizing our Nation's ports, infrastructure, and processes - across maritime, land and cyber domains. 

Registrants will hear from government and industry leaders on their visions for Ports of the Future, projected trends and emerging challenges, promising research, and new, cutting-edge technology. 

The 2021 virtual event saw over 800 registrants from around the globe, including 175 speakers and over 20 sponsors and partners. 

The first conference, held in 2020, was attended in-person by over 120 executives and 60-plus speakers who, in the midst of the beginnings of the uncertainty of the COVID-19 scenario, learned, debated, discussed and networked with peers from around the United States and world. 


  • Digitalization and Information Sharing
  • AI and Automated Port of the Future
  • Decarbonization and Alternate Fuels
  • Intermodal Connectivity
  • Sustainability
  • Maritime Cybersecurity
  • Modernizing Infrastructure
  • Business Resumption Models



"Great speakers and a great conference. This was my first time to attend, and I would like to attend this one in the future."

- Randall Withers, Director, Ports & Waterways, Louisiana DOTD

"This event attracted an excellent set of speakers each day. Excellent planning and execution were apparent as the conference successfully addressed many of the critical issues facing the world's ports."

- Gregory Pompelli, Director, Cross-Border Threat Security Screening and Supply Chain Defense

"Very well-organized congress with many valuable speakers and topics."

- Joris Claeys, Econologics Consultant - Founder, PortExpertise/CLEANconnect

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